Our Guiding Principles

ZHI is a world-class organization continually “setting the standard” in our industry.  To grow genuine, long-term value it is imperative that we do the right thing and do that thing right every day.  Discovering and doing ‘the right thing’ is an art that requires creative people with integrity, humility, and experience.  Doing ‘that thing right everyday’, maintaining and optimizing performance, is a science that requires focus, determination, and skill.

We live by the following principles and expectations to achieve long-term success:

Safety First – We perform our duties with a ‘safety first’ presence of mind.  We provide safe, clean and healthy working conditions.  We are responsible stewards of the environment.  We look out for one another.

Meet Stockholder’s Requirements and Expectations – We embrace our stockholder’s requirements and expectations and strive for 100% achievement.  We preserve, protect and develop the assets entrusted to us.  We conduct our affairs to meet legal standards and ethical expectations.  We expect our employees and our suppliers to fully comply with all laws and regulations, local, national and international.

Bridge Suppliers with Customers – We develop business relationships that profitably anticipate and satisfy the needs of all parties.  We provide the resources necessary to maintain the flow of products and services that meet our customer’s requirements and expectations.

Become a Learning Organization – We value our employees and commit to understand their competencies and aspirations.  We use cross-training and mentoring tools to improve our skills.  We promote the flow of knowledge and encourage employee learning, within and outside the organization.

Measure Processes and Improve Them – We monitor and track all relevant aspects of our business, improving our successes and diminishing our failures.  We learn from these events and make adjustments to improve the flow of products, services and knowledge.  We identify indicators that provide prompt feedback to our processes.  We embrace change … envision what can be … and make it occur.

Reduce Process Waste – We find the elements of waste, those interruptions to the optimum flow of our processes, and drive them out.  We dedicate resources to minimize defects, unplanned downtime, wait times, excessive and/or redundant work, and all other sources of waste.