Zen-Noh Hay, Inc. (ZHI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zen-Noh Grain Corporation (ZGC).  Both companies purchase and export US agricultural products, primarily in support of a supply chain managed to provide the Zen-Noh, Japan’s National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations (JA Group), with a safe and stable supply of high quality raw materials primarily for feed use.  Zen-Noh is one of five key parts of the JA (Japanese Agriculture) Group.

The JA Group is made up of Zenchu, Zenkyoren, Norinchukin Bank, Zen-Noh, and an “Other Businesses” element that conducts member welfare for the group.  Zenchu provides auditing, education, agricultural policy, public relations, and provides overall guidance of the JA Group.  Zenkyoren, supports members with mutual insurance services that cover life, real estate, and car insurance.  Norinchukin Bank provides various financial services necessary for daily life; credit services, such as savings accounts and loans.  Zen-Noh supplies members with raw materials necessary for agricultural production and markets the products produced by members.  The Other Businesses section handles public welfare issues, promotes tourism, and publishes JA’s newspaper and various other agricultural publications.

The entire JA organization is known as the JA Group and encompasses three levels (local-level JAs, prefectural-level JA federations, and the national-level JA federation).  Currently, there are thirty-five (35) Zen-Noh Prefectural Headquarters around the country.

While ZHI’s role in the overall JA Group is relatively tiny, its impact on the forage market in Japan is significant.  ZHI’s participation the US forage market enables Zen-Noh to gain knowledge about US forage production, gather timely market information, and advance the industry in terms of quality, service, and transparency.


Organizational Structure of the JA Group