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ZHI was established to supply Japanese beef and dairy farmers with a safe, stable supply of high quality forage products at competitive prices and nothing will distract us from that purpose.  In our quest to continually improve our products and services for Zen-Noh, ZHI has developed many practices, policies, and procedures that foster transparency, enhance quality, drive costs down, improve safety, and generally promote orderly, compliant, and predictable supply chain management.  ZHI leads the industry in many aspects and continually strives to “set the standard” in an effort to positively influence the Japanese market for the ultimate benefit of Zen-Noh’s co-op members.  The good news is that ZHI applies the same dedication and spirit to its customers outside of Japan.

ZHI is interested in doing business with your company if you are sincerely looking for a safe, stable supply of high quality forage products at competitive prices and are a company that values long term, mutually beneficial relationships.  We are interested in doing direct business with dairies, feedlots, research institutes, government entities, and corporations that can add value to the supply chain.

ZHI is very choosy in selecting its trading partners.  If you place an inquiry with ZHI for alfalfa, timothy, or hay cubes, you can expect that we will want to get to know you and your operation very well, before we do business together.  We will also want you and your organization to get to know us.  We will likely invite you to visit our facility to meet our team and understand our processes.  We take this approach because we are interested in long-term, strategic relationships that have lasting benefit for both parties.

If you are interested in getting to know us and allowing us to get to know you, please send your inquiry via email by clicking this link:  We thank you for your interest in Zen-Noh Hay, Inc.


Trying to establish your own US forage supply chain?  

For the right organization, ZHI is willing to discuss the possibility of helping your organization establish its own US forage supply chain.  We are capable of training your people in all areas and aspects of the forage business.  We can also provide you with supply, transportation and logistics, documentation, export regulation and compliance, contract management, and all other back office support functions.  If you are interested in importing forage products other than ZHI’s alfalfa, timothy, and hay cubes, ZHI and ZGC are capable of helping you secure and manage the entire process.  Through its very well established long term relationships throughout the US and Canada, ZHI and ZGC Portland can help you secure sudan hay, bermuda grass, klein hay, bluegrass, fescue straw, rye grass straw, corn stover, wheat straw, cotton seed, alfalfa pellets, wheat straw cubes, and many other items.

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