Top Ten Reasons to Sell Your Hay to ZHI

  1. Safety comes first.  Whether we’re unloading your hay trailer, loading cubes for a domestic customers, or piloting one of our own trucks down the interstate, safety is our first priority.
  2. We are farmer owned.  Virtually every farmer in Japan belongs to a local co-op.  Learn More  Those local co-ops are members of a prefectural (state) level cooperative association.  The prefectural cooperative associations make up Zen-Noh, Japan’s National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations.  Zen-Noh and the Norinchukin Bank (the agricultural bank of Japan) own Zen-Noh Grain Corporation and Zen-Noh Grain Corporation owns Zen-Noh Hay, Inc.   Learn More
  3. Prompt unloading of your trucks.  For most deliveries, we unload your truck inside one of our huge storage barns using a combination of squeezes and telehandlers.  Our Receiving Team prides itself on its low average unloading time and its record for safe operations.  In most cases, your trailer will be empty while your driver is still rolling up tarp straps.  Our average unload time from weigh in to weigh out is less than 25 minutes.
  4. Our word is our bond.  Honesty and forthright business are cornerstone principles for ZHI.  If you ever feel as though one of ZHI’s people has failed to keep their word, I want to know about it and discuss the issue with you.  Contact the VP.   Learn More
  5. Fast, accurate, and reliable settlements and payments.  ZHI offers payment by Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfer or by check.  ACH transfers are made within two business days of hay receipt and checks for hay payments go out once per week.  All settlements are triple checked for accuracy.  NO hay payment is ever delayed to improve ZHI’s cash position.  Learn More
  6. Financially sound company.  No hay company is more fiscally sound than ZHI.
  7. Friendly people.  We like what we do and it shows.  We pride ourselves in our friendly and courteous service.  We hope that our smiles are contagious.  Have a nice day!
  8. Direct line to end-users.  No hay company has direct access to more end-users than ZHI.  The Zen-Noh group is comprised of about four million farmer members.
  9. We have markets for all grades of hay.  ZHI buys many types and grades of hay, including rained on, feeder hay, and cube grade.  If we can’t use it, we’ll help you find someone who can.  Contact Our Hay Buyer
  10. No monkey business.  We don’t invent reasons to reject your hay like some companies do when the market is down or when demand is slow.  We NEVER default on a contract.  We have NEVER  asked a grower to lower a contracted price.

For Grower Inquiries

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Grower Electronic Payment Option

ZHI is proud to offer a direct deposit payment option to its hay growers via ACH (Automatic Clearing House) transfer.  ZHI processes direct deposit ACH payments within two business days after hay delivery. This is an excellent option for progressive growers wishing to do more business electronically.  This option eliminates lost and stolen checks, eliminates check fraud, improves grower cash flow, eliminates driving to the bank to deposit checks, and provides faster settlement information.

Growers electing to receive payment via direct deposit must complete, sign, and return to ZHI the Automated Disbursement Deposit Authorization form.  This payment option includes email delivery of daily hay receipts, contract settlement information, and payment notification.

The usual settlement process works as follows:

The day after hay is received, a settlement is prepared, and payment details are double checked for accuracy.  Verification is made to assure a signed contract and chemical use form are on file and an ACH payment order is sent to ZHI’s bank for processing.  A customer settlement notification including the payment details and effective payment date is sent to you via email.  The next day, ZHI’s bank transfers the funds to your account.

For More Information on Selling Your Hay or Contract Farming for ZHI

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