Packaging and Shipping

Half-Cut Bale

  • 864 or 880 bales per container.

  • Stretch film wrap unitizing is available.  There are typically 24 bales per unit and 36 units per container.

  • Optimal for direct feeding on small to medium size dairy farms or other feeding operations.



  • 56 or 58 bales per container.

  • Useful for on-site mixing and large operations.

  • Available in 4, 8, and 16 cut based on user’s feeding and mixing needs.


Bagged Hay Cube Packaging

  • Available in 30kg polypropylene bags, wrapped and unitized  on pallets.  There are typically 860 bags per container.

  • Available in 500kg tote bags with bottom discharge spout.  There are typically 52 tote bags per container.

photo 1

Bulk Container

  • Bulk container delivery is available for those user who don’t require smaller unit packaging.

  • Most efficient method of transport for high volume users.



Bulk Vessel

  • Bulk and bagged shipments for very high volume users are available via ocean going vessels.