ZHI Operations

ZHI employs the best equipment and technology at its facility and its presence is evident the moment you arrive at the facility.  ZHI’s commitment to “setting the standard” is clear at every step.

ZHI’s operation is strategically located in the Columbia Basin of Eastern Washington, close to our premier network of growers and ZHI farms.  Our site is set up for advantageous truck transport to the Port of Seattle/Tacoma or on-site barge transport to Port of Portland.  ZHI’s skilled and friendly team handle all aspects of operations and logistics support from our Pasco, Washington headquarters.

ZHI tags all hay bales as they arrive at the plant with a device that enables ZHI to link each bale to the grower, farm location, contract, and end use customer.  The tags employ both RFID (radio frequency identification) and bar code technology to record and monitor important factors related to quality, storage, processing, cost accounting, packaging, shipping, bookings, reference numbers, transportation, governmental compliance, destination, customer, and many other factors.  The tagging system fosters high degrees of transparency, identity preservation, traceability, and trust.

ZHI utilizes nearly 500,000 square feet of hay storage space.  This huge amount of storage space means that your hay is protected from environmental damage during storage and unencumbered with the high costs of tarping and tarp damage.  High quality raw materials eventually result in the best possible finished goods at the lowest possible price.

ZHI Operations Team