Our Facility

ZHI uses modern equipment and technology at their facility to process incoming deliveries to pressed and cubed hay.

Hay delivered to the cubing operation, is processed by a very well maintained Warren & Baerg cubing system capable of producing 30 tons per hour.  ZHI’s cubing system uses drinking water from the City of Pasco that exceeds all state and federal drinking water laws and standards.  Water used in our cubing operation is then re-filtered on-site to ensure maximum purity.  The cubing operation employs a series of rare earth magnets, electro-magnets, and metal detectors to reduce the possibility of metal contamination normally associated with processing hay.  The cubes are also examined visually for twine, plastic, paper, and other contaminants by a human inspector as they are transferred to the curing and storage area.  ZHI has about 150,000 square feet of curing and storage capacity for cubes.

Raw hay is processed by a very well maintained Hunterwood FC10000 hay press and packaged by Hunterwood’s Product Handling System.

Our press is capable of processing 3-tie bales, mid-bales, and big-bale raw materials and offers the choice of half-cut, full bale, or mag bale finished goods.  All raw materials pass through a state of the art metal detector and all finished goods are visually examined by a dedicated quality assurance/quality control inspector prior to packaging.

Our Hunterwood FC10000 press ensures that each order is pressed to the appropriate density and bale weight desired to meet quality expectations and maximize ocean freight expense.

Loading finished goods is yet another area where ZHI excels.

ZHI uses its Kalmar reachstacker to stage empty containers at ground level where they can be blown clean, swept with a rare earth magnet to remove any remaining metal contaminants, and fitted with bulkheads and the appropriate moisture control mitigation devices.  ZHI loads its cubes directly into empty containers as they sit upon our dedicated outbound scale.  This enables our loading team to fill each container with the maximum allowable weight, which subsequently ensures maximum utilization of truck and ocean freight transportation expense.  Ultimately, this means you pay the lowest possible delivered price for your cubes.

Loading pressed hay is also accomplished in a unique and efficient manner using lift trucks fitted with squeeze attachments.  ZHI is fortunate to be able to load containers of pressed hay at its loading dock or directly into empty containers placed at ground level by our Kalmar reachstacker.