Safety Celebration Year 1

Safety Celebration Year 2

Safety Celebration Year 3

Safety First–We perform our duties with a ‘safety first’ presence of mind.  We provide safe, clean and healthy working conditions.  We are responsible stewards of the environment.  We look out for one another.

At ZHI, safety is our first priority and we take great pride in our ability to work safely.  Beginning in April of 2010, ZHI adopted a new approach to safe operations that resulted in a tremendous improvement in our ability to work safely.  Quite simply, we transferred the responsibility for our safety program from one safety manager to that of every employee.  Instead of employing one person to promote and enforce safety, the onus was put on the team to work safely, look out for one another, and to change their presence of mind so that working safely is their first thought of action.
The entire team is rewarded after working 365 consecutive days without a recordable injury and rewarded more handsomely when continuing the streak for each consecutive full year.  At one point recently, ZHI had worked 1,117 days between recordable injuries and during that time ZHI rewarded the team with significant cash incentives.